Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Favorite Things Party

I just got this invitation in the mail and I am dying over the concept of the party. This may not be as new to you as it was to me, because apparently if you are a Oprah viewer you have seen her do something similar. For me, receiving this was like a big box of chocolates! Can you tell I am pregnant. :) I think the concept is so cute and fun!

So here is how it works: You come to the party with 3 of the same thing. The item has to be under $15 dollars and something that you just love. Ie. a makeup item, gift certificate for a polish change at your favorite spa, cooking utensil etc... Then everyone switches and takes the items they like best. You then walk away with a collection of fun treats that you probably will LOVE because they are everyone's favorite things!

I even think the last line is so creative "Please RSVP with your favorite song and recipe". I can only guess that they are going to make a play list with those songs and maybe even dish out a few of our favorite eats.

Thank you Paige and Kristen for putting on such a fun event, I can't wait to join.


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super cute idea!

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